NY Vintage Club will help you create an original and distinctive look.

Born in Russia, a cultural empire, I have traveled the world, speak several languages, and embrace different cultures. I have lived and breathed the grace and beauty of Europe. These experiences have led me to create my own cosmopolitan elegance. For decades, my passion has been to bring out the best in individuals in a way that emphasizes their self-esteem and mirrors their originality. I discovered I love empowering women by using my skills as an image consultant.

Through styling, I help change women’s lives. An outfit should complement a woman’s inner strength and be a reflection of her radiant energy.


NY Vintage Club offers handpicked designer clothing at affordable prices. We are happy to suggest the best outfit for your body type and personality. Unique style suggestions, alterations, and remodeling will add flair and refresh your wardrobe.


  • Hand-picked designer clothing at competitive prices Click here to visit our online store.
  • Image advice
  • Full closet analysis
  • Alteration and remodeling
  • Aesthetic consultation

Beauty, art, music, and fashion inspire us and enrich our souls. We are proud to showcase talented individuals who capture our imagination. Please like our Facebook page to support those who inspire us. And, be sure to send us an email if you’d like to be included and showcased on our Facebook page.

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